Anabelle by Marcia Sherrill is a lifestyle brand defined by classic American spirit with an eclectic sensibility and attainable price point. It embodies the personal style and spirit of its founder and designer, Marcia Sherrill. Recognizing a void in the market for a sophisticated aesthetic at a yummy price Marcia, who is know for her 24 years designing exotic skin accessories (where bags fetch up to $100,0000) wanted to create affordable and stylish bags and accessories for women of all ages.( OK, mostly for her and Diane, aka Deenie.)

Marcia is greatly influenced by the unique personal style of her daughter, Anabelle Kleinberg and Anabelle’s posse of sophisticated Manhattan teens. Well, Anabelle is a New Yorker buy birth but an Alabamian at heart just like her Momma. Marcia and the women around her Diane, Larissa, Melissa and especially co-designer Patricia have too much darn fun designing these bags and they travel the world for inspiration. A known author and TV personality, Marcia is a painter and writer and an all-around design maven. Graphic prints, bold colors and unique details are all signatures of the brand.